Objectives and Scope of Study

Maurice Shahbaz(Director)Prisons Mission Society of Pakistan is teaching and preaching to prisoners in prisons


Maurice Shahbaz visited to the Sub-jail Pattokey,District Kasur Pakistan for realse of Waqas Basir.

The Christmas celebiration  among prisoners and gifts & food distibuted by Prisons Mission Society of Pakistan in  Prisons Pakistan-9 

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■ Social welfare of prisoners.
■ The right to non-discriminatory treatment (freedom from discrimination on the basis of characteristics such as race, sex, color, etc).
■ Rehabilitation of prisoners and their families.
■ Advancement of the prisoners in the fields of Education, Religion and Social/Moral sectors.
■ Educating and providing health facilities to needy prisoners and their families.
■ Provision of help to prisoners in paying their fines for their release.
■ Providing legal assistance to needy and deserving prisoners.
■ Encouraging jail authorities to better equip their treatment centres.
■ Assisting with access to justice procedures.
■ Preventing the 3rd degree method of investigation and eliminating the culture of torture in the prisons.
■ Advising the general public through media such as newspapers for awareness against crime.
■ Providing maximum quality facilities to prisoners.
■ Assisting in the bail out of the prisoners by way of legal formalities.
■ Increasing the per day income during rigorous punishment.
■ Bringing necessary amendments to Pakistan Prison Rules in order to uphold the principle of justice.

The scope of the study is limited to these four departments of the organization:
■ Education Department
■ Health Department
■ Legal Department
■ Rehabilitation and Social Welfare Department