Prisons Mission Society is a NGO (non government organization).  It is registered as a Humanitarian Welfare and Social Organization working to create a better world for prisoners.It began in 1999 as a charitable organization. It was registered in August 2002 under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860.  Prisons Mission Society was the first organization registered with Government of Pakistan whose goal is making prisoners useful citizens and part of development of this country.

At present, Pakistan has 84 prisons in four provinces (Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP).  The Punjab and Sindh provinces have 47 prisons which are the main focus of attention because crime rates have increased tremendously.  Convicted criminals and prisoners awaiting trial are being kept in custody for years together without determining their final fate.  It is a sad and gloomy picture for the prisoners.

Increasing numbers of people in Pakistan are living below the poverty line.  These people are not given the rights of survival, protection, development and participation.  Prisons Mission Society has observed that when a prisoner is released from jail, he/she faces many difficulties in finding a job.  Our society refuses to accept him/her in every field of life, focusing only on the fact that he/she was imprisoned  Former prisoners are rejected even by relatives who think and say negative things about them, often denying shelter or sympathy.  Many young boys/girls (especially Christians) who have been in prison are forced to work for rich people and treated badly.  Therefore, Prisons Mission Society also plans to provide support to rejected prisoners after their release so they have more opportunity to become a genuine part of society.

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