Conference on The rehabilitation of Prisoners and their families

 Prisons Mission Society of Pakistan is arranging an annual conference on The  rehabilitation of Prisoners and their families on 8th-10th September 2016, in Pakistan. The primary services and programs of Prisons Mission Society are mission driven and are designed to minister healing and restoration of individuals and families affected by imprisonment and injustice. We are committed to Hook (Outreach), Heal (emotional & spiritual restoration) and Help (Transitional assistance) through our programs. Increasing numbers of peoples in Pakistan are living below the poverty line. These peoples are not given the rights of survival, protection, development and participation. We (PMS) observed that when a Male/female prisoner released the jail. He/ She faced many difficulties to get any job for him/ her. The Society refuses to accept him/ her every field of life, only that he/she had imprisoned in the jail and these men/women are rejected his/her relatives and they has negative things about them. These men/ women have not any shelter and sympathetic for them .And many young boy/girls ( especially Christian )are forced to work in to the rich people and these men/ women are treat badly .Therefore, we have planned to provide support to the rejected prisoners that after their release they become a part of our society.I have 136- Team members’part time/ full time working in various prisons in Pakistan having fresh record with facts and figures. I believe that this conference will be fruitful if we lemmatize it to the workers who are dedicated and known to me personally. It does not mean that I am ignoring other Organizations and Churches, who are working with us. We shall invite them as consultant /observers or guests with voice.

The detail of conference is as follow:-

1-       Participants:-150 participants for conference.

2-       Venue:-          Gujranwala, Pakistan.

3-       Period of Conference: – For three days.

4-       Time: –             8th -10th September, 2016.

5-       Agenda:-

  • An assessment of the reasons Christian are imprisoned
  • The importance of ministry to prisoners
  • Experience in supporting families and contact with a member in prison
  • Worship, witness and evangelism
  • Teaching programs for prisoners and their families.
  • Foreign national.
  • Protection of prisoners and upholding their rights
  • Activities of the marginalized and the judicial system
  • Developing a holistic approach
  • International experience
  • Awareness programmed to avoid and save our self from crimes.
  • Awareness to the prisoners about their basic rights in Prisons and the role of society for rehabilitation of prisoners and their families

Rev. Maurice Shahbaz(Founder and Director of Prisons Mission Society) during Prisons Mission Society's program of The role of society in rehabilitation of prisoners and their families at Presbyterian Church,Rail Bazar,Faisalabad,Pakistan 




















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About Maurice Shahbaz

I got life sentence in July 1986.I have a crucial experience during the time when, I was in prison for 12 years due to injustice. There I observed closely how people suffer in the prisons without hope. Sometimes due to their illness and many other reasons they cannot see any light in their dark future. Even very skilled inmates do not have the chance to improve their lives anyway, but I set the challenge by completing my education from Matriculation, F.A, B.A, Diploma in further studies in Urdu, Diploma in further studies in Punjabi & M.A.being in prison, living among them and having given them the example that education can make acceptable in society once again. I have done Master of Divinity from Gujranwala Theological Seminary Gujranwala Pakistan. Even the criminals can be make to educate, I was put in prison when, I was hardly 13, due to none of my fault in the case but God made it possible that I got released after 12 years. At the times of my release, I decided to serve the community which, I left behind in prisons. My aim to love and serve all human kind. In 1999 after my release, I founded the Prisons Mission Society. Reverend Maurice Shahbaz (Founder and Director) Prisons Mission Society