Up to 50 per cent of women in Pakistan’s jails are injustice of Police


Stoneing on a woman


The story of a innocent and poor  woman Mrs.Nabila 40 years –old’s journey here is horrifying. In spring 2014 she was raped by Muhammad Saleem, Sub-Inspector ,Police station ,Sadar,Gujranwala,Pakistan and his fellow Muhammad Irfan and they had  made a bogus case against her that she had theft in the  house of Muhammad Irfan.The police kept her in the house of Muhammad Irfan and they tortured and raped  her for many days in the police custody and forced her to drunk acid. At last she died in prison because she was in very critical condition  sent in prison by  local District Police officer Gujranwala and Regional Police Officer Gujranwala,Pakistan and they did not allowed sent her to hospital.


On 21-03-2014,Nabila’s younger sister Shakeela was also kidnapped by local police and Muhammad Irfan and his fellows  and kept her in their house and tortured her very badly and later on the SHO and SI,Muhammad Saleem  kept her in lock up and tortured her.

This decree, also known as “ordinance” serves as amendment of the existing criminal law, allowing some 1,300 women, imprisoned for adultery and other minor crimes, to be freed. Moreover, those who have been charged under the Islamic Hudood Laws, introduced by the controversial former Pakistani dictator General Zia-ul-Haq in 1979, will also benefit from this new decree. Some of the provisions of the Islamic Hudood Laws require that women who file complaints of rape and other sexual assaults must actually provide four eye witnesses to testify for them, otherwise their complaints are not taken into consideration.


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I got life sentence in July 1986.I have a crucial experience during the time when, I was in prison for 12 years due to injustice. There I observed closely how people suffer in the prisons without hope. Sometimes due to their illness and many other reasons they cannot see any light in their dark future. Even very skilled inmates do not have the chance to improve their lives anyway, but I set the challenge by completing my education from Matriculation, F.A, B.A, Diploma in further studies in Urdu, Diploma in further studies in Punjabi & M.A.being in prison, living among them and having given them the example that education can make acceptable in society once again. I have done Master of Divinity from Gujranwala Theological Seminary Gujranwala Pakistan. Even the criminals can be make to educate, I was put in prison when, I was hardly 13, due to none of my fault in the case but God made it possible that I got released after 12 years. At the times of my release, I decided to serve the community which, I left behind in prisons. My aim to love and serve all human kind. In 1999 after my release, I founded the Prisons Mission Society. Reverend Maurice Shahbaz (Founder and Director) Prisons Mission Society